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Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 with Holder, blue

Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 with Holder, blue

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The HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance module has a high precision of up to 3 mm and can easily be accessed by common microcontrollers and Arduino.

The board has two power lines (VCC, GND) and two lines for initiating a meaurement and reading the distance. A HIGH signal or single pulse on the "Trig" pin triggers a measurement and the module sends a 40 kHz pulse. The returning signal is detected and the output line "Echo" is set to HIGH for the time t. The distance is proportional to the time t and can be calculated with this formula:

distance in m = t in s * speed of sound (ca. 340 m/s) / 2

The sensor comes with a holder. Please note that there are no screws included.


Input Voltage:5 V
Range:ca. 2 cm to 300 cm
Measuring Angle:15 Grad
Dimensions:45,5 mm x 20 mm x 18 mm
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