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TT Motor with Gearbox and Wheel

TT Motor with Gearbox and Wheel

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This set consists of a DC gearbox motor and a wheel which can easily be attached to the motor. It is made for common 2WD chassis and your next robot projects.

The gearbox has a gear ratio of 1:48 and a rotation speed of around 200RPM at an operating voltage of 5V. It is suitable for voltages between 3V and 6V. The maximum (stall) current is around 1.5A. The higher the supplied voltage the higher the number of revolutions.


  • Dimensions: 70 mm x 22 mm x 18 mm
  • Torque: ca. 0,15 - 0,6 Nm
  • Operating Voltage: 3 - 6 V
  • Current without load: ca. 150 mA at 5V
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