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TEC1-12706 Peltier Module, Thermo-Electric Cooler/Heater

TEC1-12706 Peltier Module, Thermo-Electric Cooler/Heater

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Take this Peltier module to keep things cool or to heat something up. Connect the red wire to a positive voltage and the black one to ground and this element will cool down. When polarity is switched, i.e. the red wire connected to ground and the black wire to for example 12 V, the element will heat up. But the element also works the other way around: a temperatur difference between top and bottom part leads to a voltage that can be measured between the wires.

The TEC1-12706 is rated for a voltage of 16 V and a maximum current of ca. 6 A. The maximum temperature difference is around 66°C and the maximum cooling power is 97 W. When connected to a 12 V source the current consumption is around 5 A.

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