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Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F, Compact Dust Sensor

Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F, Compact Dust Sensor

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Measure dust and particles with the optical Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F sensor and your Genuino or other microcontrollers. The sensor has an infrared emitting diode and a phototransistor that are diagonally arranged. It detects the reflected light of dust in air and is very effective to detect very fine particles. Smoke can be distinguished from house dust by pulse pattern of output voltage.
Please make sure to read the datasheet in order to be familiar with accessing the sensor and putting the right pulse on the diode.

The sensor comes with a cable, a 220µF capacitor and an 150Ω resistor. This is all you need to wire up the sensor e.g. to your Arduino.


Supply Voltage:up to 7.0 V
DC Current:ca. 20 mA
Measurement Method:Optical
Cable Length:ca. 20 cm
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