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Seeed Studio Wio Lite MG126 with ATSAMD21 Cortex-M0 and Bluetooth

Seeed Studio Wio Lite MG126 with ATSAMD21 Cortex-M0 and Bluetooth

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Today, we bring you another new product in the Wio Lite series, the Wio Lite MG126 Bluetooth development board.
Wio Lite MG126 is a cost-effective SAMD21 based development board with the on-board MG126 Bluetooth Module. SAM D21 is an ARM Cortex-M0+ based microcontroller and the MG126 is a 2.4GHz single-mode Bluetooth transceiver module. The same with Wio Lite W600, this board is also compatible with Arduino zero( Used the same Arduino Core SAM D21) and has the same compatible form factor with Adafruit Feather series.
We break out the 3.3V I/O pins of SAM D21, SAM D21 chip has rich I / O resources, including 14 digital pins, 6 analog pins, 1 UART port, 1 I2C port, and 1 ICSP port. More and more boards in Seeed use type C interfaces to supply power and transmit data, so does the Wio Lite MG126. Meanwhile, there is a JST2.0 Li-Po battery port, you can use 3.5V or 4.2V Li-Po battery to power this board.
Now, let's talk about the Bluetooth Core, the MG126. MG126 is a 2.4GHz BLE RF transceiver with software configurable registers, embedded packet handling engine. It can work with ultra-low power. The Bluetooth air data rate of MG126 is 1Mbps and MG126 can talks with Arduino core at the speed of 4Mbps via the SPI interface.


  • Arduino Zero Compatible / Adafruit Feather Compatible
  • 2.4GHz ISM band operation with 2MHz channel spacing
  • 1Mbps air data rate
  • ultra-low power
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