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Seeed Studio Grove LCD RGB Backlight, 16x2

Seeed Studio Grove LCD RGB Backlight, 16x2

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Grove - LCD RGB Backlight is a full-color backlight 16x2 LCD. High contrast and ease of use make it a perfect I2C LCD display for Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

The traditional 1602 LCD requires up to 10 I/O pins to display, and the 1602 LCD with RGB backlight requires an extra 3 pins to control the backlight color. This will take up a lot of I/O pins on the main control board, especially for development boards with less I/O resources such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Grove - LCD RGB Backlight makes it totally different! With the help of Grove I2C connector, only 2 signal pins and 2 power pins are needed. You don't even need to care about how to connect these pins. Just plug it into the I2C interface on Seeeduino or Arduino/Raspberry Pi+baseshield via the Grove cable. No complicated wiring, no soldering, no need to worry about burning the LCD caused by the wrong current limiting resistor. Easy peasy.

What's more, this LCD module is not only a character LCD but also can display your DIY images, such as a heart and a smiling face. 16x2 means two lines and each line have 16 columns, 32 characters in total. Each character contains 5*8 pixels. You can check here to make your own images array, just release your creativity and imaginations. 

Grove - LCD RGB Backlight emoji

As the name RGB backlight indicates, you can set any color you like to be the backlight. You can also have the backlight change with the program, such as using a green backlight when displaying a smile, and turning the backlight to red when the angry face appears. Well, if you don't need a colorful backlight, you can choose our monochrome LCD series. They also use the easy-to-use Grove I2C interface and are more cost effective.

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