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Seeed Studio DB9 to OBD2 Cable With Switch

Seeed Studio DB9 to OBD2 Cable With Switch

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While we have been offering the very popular CAN-Bus Shield, this DB9 to OBD2 cable is a wonderful mate for the CAN-Bus shield and any device that owns a DB9 connector. There is a DB9 connector on one side and a OBD2 connector on the other side. A power switch is also added close to the OBD2 side so that you can manage the power more conveniently. It is only 150mm long, 179g in weight, suitable for projects where space is limited. It is also very high quality and cost effective, if you plan to hack your car, please don't hesitate to get one!


  • Length: 150cm
  • Weight: 179g
  • Cable Material: Plastic
  • 24AWG
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