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Seeed Studio

Seeed Studio BLE Shield, Bluetooth 4.0

Seeed Studio BLE Shield, Bluetooth 4.0

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This Seeed BLE Shield utilizes an HM-11 module to provide your Arduino/Seeeduino with serial BLE function. It only takes two pins of the micro controller to communicate your device with this shield. With support for a BLE ComAssistant APK, this BLE Shield can talk to your mobile phone more easily without pairing. You can use it in many conditions, like robot controls or remote control equipment ,etc. We prepared an easy and convenient command set for this shield so that you can use neat and concise code to run the function.


  • Arduino/Seeeduino compatible
  • UART serial port of HM-11 on the Shield can be connected to Arduino by jumpers
  • With two Grove connectors, making it easy to connect I2C and digital IO Grove modules to Arduino
  • AT commands support
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