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Motor Shield for WeMos D1 mini

Motor Shield for WeMos D1 mini

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Power up to two motors with your WeMos D1 mini and this Motor Shield. Motor voltages up to 15 V and output currents of 1.2 A are supported.

The Motor Shield just needs the two I2C pins (SCL, SDA) of your WeMos D1 mini. The I2C address of this shield can be adjusted by shorting the AD0 and AD1 jumpers on the back of the PCB. The reference of available I2C address is shown in table below:

AD1AD0I2C Address

Connecting your Motors to the Motor Shield is easy: Your external power supply for your motors goes to VM and GND and your Motors to A1, A2 and B1, B2 for the second one. S is used only in IO-Mode for setting the shield into standby mode. We recommend you to use the Motor Shield Library for Arduino in combination with your WeMos D1 mini.

The delivery includes headers so you can solder it and plug the board on the WeMos D1 mini.

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