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IRF520 MOSFET Driver Breakout Board

IRF520 MOSFET Driver Breakout Board

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Switch heavy loads using your microcontroller and this IRF520 Breakout Board. The IRF520 MOSFET makes it very easy to switch larger DC loads with only one digital output of your Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The module support 3.3 V and 5 V, so it's suitable for most microcontrollers. In contrast to relays there are no mechanical components which wear off during use. This makes MOSFETs very durable and suitable especially for PWM applications like dimming LEDs.


Output Load Voltage Range:0 - 24 V
Max. Load Current:max. 5 A, heat sink required when I >= 1 A
Load:Screw Terminal
Control:Pin Header
Indicator:1 Status-LEDs
Dimensions:ca. 34 mm x 26 mm
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