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globio #Jacky door contact

globio #Jacky door contact

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What is globio #Jacky?

Never before there has been "so much" alarm system for so little money! The globio #Jacky 'Door contact' and the globio app simply use the numerous functions of an old or unused Android smartphone.

The dream team: globio #Jacky and Smartphone

Simply plug it into the headset jack.

Over 100 million old mobile phones remained unused only in German households in year 2016. A mobile phone consists of at least 25% of metals such as copper, iron, nickel, zinc, tin, but also lead, cobalt, coltan, lithium and noble metals like silver, gold, palladium and platinum. Our resources are not infinite! Avoid cell phone scrap and use an old smartphone to reach your goal!

What do I use globio #jacky for?

It's so easy to protect your home or your versatile properties.

Get a message when the front door has been opend.

No matter which window you want to protect.

Get alarmed if someone wants to discover your privacy.

Get a picture when the horse stable has been opened.

Protect your mobile home!

The globio app.

In the event of alerting you can

  • get a call and intercept in to the room silent or talk to the "intruder" directly, 
  • get a short message or an E-Mail, 
  • let the phone take pictures or record a video and get the data sent to you, 
  • play a given or individual sound at home and more.

On Vacation.

Thanks to the smartphone, it does not matter how far you are away from home!

With only 20 € and an old smartphone, you will experience a positive feeling of security at home on next holiday.

Download the globio App from the Google Play Store for free.



Compatible appsglobio Alarm Systen Lite, mSwitch, more will follow
Mountingadhesive strip or screws
Includedglobio #Jacky, magnet, cover cap, 4 screws, short guide
Material and colorABS plastic, weiß
Weightabout 0.49 oz (w/o magnet)
Cable lengthabout 19"
Dimensions2.48" x 0.59" x 0.51"
Electrical connection4 pin headphone plug, 3.5 mm
Power supplymicrophone bias, input voltage range 1.3V..3.3V
Power consumptionmax. 100µA, avg. 10µA
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