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Arduino GIGA Display Shield

Arduino GIGA Display Shield

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Elevate your project's user interface and visual capabilities with the Arduino GIGA Display Shield. This shield is an ideal touch screen solution for enhancing your GIGA R1 WiFi projects.

Key Features:

  • High-Resolution Touch Screen: Features a 3.97” 480x800 RGB touch display, capable of showing up to 16.7 million colors, ensuring vivid and clear visuals.
  • Integrated Components: Includes a digital microphone (MP34DT06JTR), a Bosch BMI270 6-axis IMU for precise motion detection, and an I2C-controlled RGB LED for added functionality.
  • Camera Compatibility: Equipped with a camera connector, it supports a variety of Arducam cameras, allowing for direct display of camera feeds.
  • Enhanced Interactivity: Supports five-point touch and gesture controls, making interactions more intuitive.
  • Versatile Software Support: Compatible with multiple graphics libraries like LVGL, GFX, and ArduinoGraphics, enabling the creation of powerful user interfaces and 3D animations.

Technical Specifications:

  • Display: 3.97” TFT-LCD, 480x800 RGB resolution
  • Touch Mode: Five points and gestures
  • Interface: I2C
  • Sensors: IMU BMI270, Microphone MP34DT06JTR
  • Power: Operating voltage 3.3 V
  • Dimensions: Width 80 mm, Length 106 mm

Whether for educational purposes, DIY projects, or professional applications, the Arduino GIGA Display Shield offers a versatile and powerful platform for creative and interactive displays.

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