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Adafruit Smart Home Kit for Digi-Key IoT Studio with Feather ESP32 + Parts

Adafruit Smart Home Kit for Digi-Key IoT Studio with Feather ESP32 + Parts

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Automate your own adorable, IoT-enabled papier-mâché house. The small size of this build lets us explore wiring, user interaction, and firmware deployment without having to get a ladder out.

After building this project, you can re-purpose this project for your home or apartment. We've specifically selected components and sensors which are common in real-world IoT projects. You can also go further with this project, adding sensors to monitor different rooms in your house.

Unlike most other IoT platforms, Digi-Key IoT Studio is code-less - all sensor interaction and storage is done automatically by the drag-and-drop IDE. You do not need to install toolchains, code editors or compile any code on your computer! Digi-Key Studio runs in your web browser, handles all aspects of developing an Internet-of-Things project, and even compiles your code remotely.

This high-level integration is possible because IoT Studio has built in support for a range of transport boards, and sensors. Note that not all boards and devices are supported - lucky for us, there are plenty of Adafruit products supported, including our series favorites: the ESP32 Feather and the Analog Devices FeatherWing.

However, instead of just a simple temperature sensor data logger, we’ll make a complete home automation system that you can follow along by picking up our IoT Studio Kit.

Kit includes:

Soldering is required to attach headers and wires! You will need some basic hand tools like wire cutters, heat shrink, and soldering iron to build the smart home.

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