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0.96" OLED Display with 128x64 Pixel, I2C, blue

0.96" OLED Display with 128x64 Pixel, I2C, blue

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The OLED Display can be used to show sensor values, simple graphics and text messages. The display itself is built out of 128x64 blue OLEDs - so no additional backlight is needed! This reduces the power consumption and also leads to the high contrast of these displays. The display module is equipped with a SSD1306 chipset used for controlling the OLEDs and I2C communication.

You can drive this display with any 3.3V or 5V powered microcontroller. Only two I2C pins are needed - perfect for Arduino and Raspberry Pi.


Input Voltage:3.3 - 5 V
Resolution:128x64 pixels
Integrated Controller:SSD1306
Dimensions of the PCB:ca. 27 mm x 27 mm

Breadboard and wires are not included.


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